Terms and conditions of purchase



MyHalloweenCostumes reserves the right to verify the availability of stock of goods request and will inform the actual acceptance.

Incomplete orders will NOT be sent without authorization by the client .


Warranty and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal 

MyHalloweenCostumes is committed, in case of sending corrupted or incorrect material, to provide for replacement, this indication via a simple telephone or fax, and also in case of no longer intact packaging, as guarantee of Legislative Decree no. 206 / 05 which governs certain aspects of sales and guarantees relating to consumer goods and providing for the extension of the duration of 2 years.

As for the exercise of the right of withdrawal on the ground that the product no longer like or the customer changed his mind about the purchase, apply the following guidelines of the law:

The Leg. 206/05 it provides that the communication must be sent by registered Ar no later than 7 days from receipt of goods. This communication can be anticipated by fax, telegram, telex, email, if confirmed by registered mail within 48 hours. The time required for the return of the product due to the exercise of withdrawal rights are, as per Leg. 206/05, no more than 7 days, from receipt of goods. The customer made notification must contain:

• Demonstration by the will of using the benefit granted by Legislative Decree no. 206/05. 
• Indication of the product for which you decide to exercise the right of withdrawal. 
• The order number issued at the time of purchase. 
• The date related to your bank account (name, corresponding branch, account number).

Address for submission recommended: 


Via Boscofangone 
80035 Nola - Naples 

E-mail: info@carnevaleveneziano.it

Alternatively, the customer can send:

• A telegram within seven days of receipt of the product, always at the above address. 
• A fax machine within seven days of receipt of the product, the number +39.081.3626380 with confirmation within 48 hours from the start of telegram or fax by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the above address and with an indication of the same elements indicated for the recommended above. 
To obtain a refund of the price the consumer will have to send back SHOWN ON THE BULLETIN OF CARRIER by mail the product to which it refers the cancellation, accompanied by the delivery note / related goods supplied with the product upon delivery.

CAUTION: You can not request made over the last Sunday of Carnival

Method of refund of amount paid


  MyHalloweenCostumes will refund by bank transfer as soon as possible and in any event within thirty days of receipt of communication in which the consumer has expressed a willingness to exercise the right of withdrawal. In addition, the combined provisions by 'Article 67, 1st 3rd and 4th paragraph, that the consumer has the right to withdraw without penalty, the only charge against him will be those concerning the return of the product will then be returned to the' full amount paid by the consumer. A necessary condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal is the substantial integrity of the product and the packaging. 

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MyHalloweenCostumes is a web store specializing in online sales of halloween fancy dress. Here you will find a wide range of models for adults and children of all ages. All dresses are characterized by the high quality of the materials used for the care given to details and the accessories that accompany the costumes. The size of the catalogs allow you to choose the best suit your needs and the size chart, present for each category, will guide you in the purchase with confidence and peace of mind!

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